[012] Trusting God When Your Career Takes an Unexpected Turn


Have you ever had one plan for your career, only to discover that God had a surprising and unexpected detour?

My guest today for Episode 012, Ashley Staples, certainly knows how that feels. Ashley had a thriving career in academia at a prestigious private university in New York City when she received an offer she couldn’t refuse. The only catch? It meant leaving New York City and moving to Columbus, OH.

In this episode Ashley talks about:

  • Practical advice for seeking God in major career decisions
  • What to do when you feel “stuck” in your career
  • Bringing kingdom values into multi-faith workplaces
  • …and more

If you’ve ever faced a major crossroads in your business or career and were unsure about which direction to choose then this episode will help you navigate a major career decision. Ashley is funny and wise and offers practical advice about how to walk with God when the path takes an unexpected twist.

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Here are links and resources that were referenced during this episode.


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