[029] How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Ron Kitchens


My guest for episode 029 is Ron Kitchens.

Ron’s focus is to assist leaders to accelerate their impact and well-being in career, family and community.

Ron is the senior partner and chief executive officer of Southwest Michigan First, an economic consulting firm, which includes Consultant Connect and the Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund. He is the publisher of 269 MAGAZINE, board member of Impact Athletic, chairman of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and a Trustee of Western Michigan University.

Ron is the founder of the leadership conference Catalyst University and the co-founder of NEXT, an invitation-only leadership symposium for global economic development leaders.

Ron and his teams have been extensively featured in over 100 national and international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, CBS, NBC, Fox, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist and National Public Radio.

Ron is author/co-author of 3 books, including the bestseller Community Capitalism.

It’s an unlikely resume for a kid with dyslexia who grew up in abject poverty in the Ozarks in Missouri.

In this episode Ron talks about dealing with imposter syndrome as he spent years living in secrecy about his past and shares the unlikely story of how a single can of Mandarin oranges changes his life.

If you've ever struggled with imposter syndrome or believed that your past disqualifies you from success then you are sure to be inspired by Ron’s story.

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Uniquely You: Transforming Your Organization by Becoming the Leader Only You Can Be - new book by Ron Kitchens
Ron Kitchens website

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