[036] How to Create a Life You Love with Ashley Abercrombie


My guest for this episode is Ashley Abercrombie, author of the new book Rise of the Truth Teller: Own Your Story, Tell it Like It Is, and Live with Holy Gumption. Ashley is a wife, mom of two boys, and co-pastor of Liberty Church Downtown in New York City with her husband Cody.

In this episode Ashley talks about fulfilling a 20-year dream to become a full-time writer, how she managed to write a book with a toddler and a newborn baby, and her own personal story of learning to live authentically.

Ashley shares how learning to live authentically transformed her marriage, motherhood, ministry and friendships and how owning our story can be a powerful force for change in our communities.

If you’ve ever had a dream but felt like it wasn’t happening fast enough (or at all) then you won’t want to miss this episode. 


Show Notes

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