[045] How to Get Out of a Slump and Start Your Next Act with Singer/Songwriter Brianna Barnes

How did you start your 2020? Was it filled with hopes and dreams that came crashing in the very first quarter of it? The bible in the book of proverbs 16:9 says a man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Did God transform your plans into something greater and better?

In this episode, I have Brianna Barnes, a musical theater actor for the Broadway stage, Christian singer/songwriter, and a playwright. She believes it is through the power of the creative imagination that the world is transformed.

Listen in to learn how God worked in mysterious ways and led Brianna on the path of recording her very first music album after her dreams of making it to Broadway this year came crashing. You will also learn three ways you can get out of a funk and create your masterpiece.

Episode Timeline:

  • [0:26] Get to know Brianna.
  • [1:42] She describes the hopes and expectations she came into 2020 with.
  • [4:01] Understanding that God deeply cares about our small victories and frustrations and isn’t afraid of our anger towards Him.
  • [9:46] The power of reading- how reading transformed Brianna’s perspective and improved her inspiration.
  • [14:49] Recognizing how God changes things from good to great and learning to trust Him always.
  • [17:54] Brianna shares in detail how God changed 2020 from hopeless to excellent by opened doors for her to record her first album.
  • [25:27] Giving people a new language to spiritual things- how Brianna brought this out with her music album.
  • [31:11] She talks about her song ‘The Mountain Old Lady Fear’ which is about learning to deal with fear and overcoming it.
  • [35:55] How to get out of a funk by ingesting, having conversations, and writing down small ideas.
  • [39:10] Learn where to get Brianna’s music.
  • [40:36] A closing prayer! 

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