[048] Radical Obedience with Edison and Cassandra Lee, Founders of Justice Rising

In this episode of Your Purpose is Calling, Dawn speaks with Edison and Cassandra Lee, founders of Justice Rising, a non-profit that works in international conflict areas using education to transform lives.


To begin, Edison and Cassandra share the importance of education in the pursuit of peace. While many organizations seek to provide aid, most only offer temporary solutions that don’t get to the root of the problem. Education however, creates an opportunity. By empowering individuals to initiate change, they have the chance to take ownership of the communities that they live in. 


This can manifest in many different ways. In the Republic of the Congo, Justice Rising’s primary ministry area, young boys and girls are constantly at risk of being preyed upon by outside forces, including rape and child trafficking. School operates as a safe space, giving children the opportunity to develop skills and confidence while largely avoiding these dangers.


Unfortunately, many barriers exist, including poverty, distance and culture. Justice Rising seeks to change this by providing vocational training, building schools and encouraging people to talk about their trauma. Relationship building is also an emphasis. Edison and Cassandra believe that listening is just as important as teaching. Authenticity and humility are required to be successful.


That’s not to say that things have been easy. The closure of schools during COVID-19 created a unique challenge, one that the team met head-on with the development of new programs and materials. Edison and Cassandra have also had to grow personally, working through their own faith, gaining the support of parents and learning to trust in God’s promises.


The Bible says that God will always be faithful. Not only is He present in our suffering, but one day He will heal the world. Edison and Cassandra hope that their obedience can play a small part in that. They invite everyone to pray and follow God’s call on their life.


Main Takeaways

  • Education creates the agency for change (6.58)
  • Sharing your trauma leads to healing (18:43)
  • Mutual experience is the key to understanding (28:70)
  • In the midst of evil, God is present and good (49:13)
  • One day, God will restore all things (56:42)


Episode Timeline

  • How education transforms communities (3:50)
  • Where Justice Rising works (7:40)
  • The Ripple Effect- Preventing child brides and soldiers (9:40)
  • Understanding barriers to success (13:40)
  • Success stories (17:50)
  • The impact of COVID-19 (23:50)
  • Building trust through relationships (29:10)
  • How did you get here? (32:45)
    • Cassandra’s Story- You’re never alone (32:45)
    • Edison’s Story- Learning and listening (41:25)
  • Finding Christ in conflict- A faith journey (46:45)
    • Cassandra- Asking hard, intimate questions (46:45)
    • Edison- Leaning into the promises of God (53:40)
  • Closing prayer (1:04:20)


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