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[022] From Advertising to Urban Church Planter

Chad Rodriguez was on the corporate fast track in New York City with one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. In his role he consulted with top executives at Fortune 100 companies. He had a role that other people aspire to and he enjoyed his work, but he felt called to full-time ministry.

Last year Chad left corporate life behind as he and his wife, Emily, moved their three children 3,000 miles away to plant a church in San Francisco.

In this episode Chad talks about:

  • How he knew God was calling him into full-time ministry (and trusting God’s timing)
  • How his pastoral gifting helped him as a leader in managing clients and teams
  • What practical evangelism looks like in the workplace

In this episode Chad talks candidly about corporate life, church planting and how he and his wife found the courage to take the giant leap of faith they felt God was calling them to.

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