[038] How to Balance Contentment and Ambition with Aisha Taylor


My guest in this episode of the Your Purpose is Calling Christian business podcast is Aisha Taylor, Community Engagement Manager at Google. Aisha has an MBA from U.C. Berkeley and had her eye on a career in non-profits when she was recruited by one of the largest technology companies in the world. Although her path was unexpected, Aisha trusted God to guide her career and discovered unexpected ways to live in her purpose at work.

In this episode Aisha shares:

  • What does it really mean to have peace about a career decision?
  • How to trust God is career transitions
  • How to balance being content where you are while still having bold faith for the future

"If we're super fixated on the North Star success and we don;t have appreciation for the incremental steps and process, then so much of the journey gets lost and we lose appreciation for it. Most of life is that journey." - Aisha Taylor

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Show Notes:



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