[009] When God Calls You to a New Career


Katelyn Gibert was a successful and thriving 20-something living in New York City where she worked in finance for one of the world’s largest global investment banking firms. The job seemed like the perfect for Katelyn who had studied finance and psychology in college. The job gave her financial security, prestige, and a bright and promising future.

That was when Katelyn begin to feel what she calls “the tug” of God calling her into a completely new career in education policy.

She traded in her prestigious role in New York working with high net worth individuals for a job teaching first grade at an elementary school in the poorest ward of Washington DC before going back to school for her graduate degree in education policy at Vanderbilt University.

In today’s episode Katelyn talks about:

  • Practical advice to know when God is calling you in a new direction
  • A Christ-centered approach to managing a career transition
  • How to remain steadfast when a career transition requires a long road
  • How to overcome setbacks along the way

Katelyn’s story is filled with wisdom for anyone who is looking for practical advice to walk with God in their business or career.

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Here are links and resources that were referenced during this episode.


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