How to Be a Resilient Entrepreneur

Christian Business: How to Be a Resilient Entrepreneur

course you will be successful in whatever you do. We know that."


I'll never forget those words. I was sitting on one side of a massive mahogany desk on a colorless winter day, and my boss was on the other. I had just explained that I was quitting my job to start my own business.

"Ummm… do we know that?" I wanted to say.

I didn't share his confidence. I had no idea what I was doing, no clients, no budget, and we were in the middle of a devastating recession. I felt like I was jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, and he was yelling to me, over the roar of the propeller engine, "Of course you're going to be successful. Don't worry. It's fine."


Was he crazy? Was I?


After more than a decade of building businesses, I finally realize what he was saying that day. (And it's something I remind my clients in private Christian business coaching, too.)


My boss wasn't saying:


  • Of course, you'll launch your first product and make a gazillion dollars.
  • Of course, you're so brilliant that you'll launch a company and have it all figured out on day one.
  • Of course, you'll avoid all the pitfalls and your path will be covered with glitter and rainbows.


What he was saying was much more powerful. And now that I understand those words, I can say the same words to you with absolute, rock-solid confidence:


Of course you will be successful.


Because here's what he was really saying:


  • It will be hard, and of course you will figure it out.
  • You will make mistakes, and of course you will learn and make better decisions.
  • You will get stuck, and of course you will figure out how to get unstuck.
  • You will have a slump, and of course you will persevere.
  • You will make a wrong turn, and of course you will get back on track.
  • You will feel unqualified, and of course you will develop the skills you need.
  • You will be overwhelmed, and of course you will take action and get clarity.
  • People will doubt you, and of course you'll succeed anyway.
  • You will wonder if you're good enough, and of course you'll discover that you're uniquely called to do this work, serve this audience, and build this dream.


These are some of the most encouraging and empowering words we can hear. They liberate us to build, create, try, grow, launch, risk, and beginWhen we do, our faith in God grows, our confidence in ourselves grows, our ability to be resilient and persevere grows. We become confident warriors, faithfully stewarding and fearlessly overcoming.


And in those moments when we're stuck in the in-between, uncertain if we can keep going and unconvinced that we have what it takes, God whispers over us:


  • Of course I will guide you [Proverbs 3:5-6]
  • Of course I will provide for you [Phi 4:19]
  • Of course I will open doors no man can shut [Revelation 3:8]
  • Of course I will be your strength when you feel weak [Isaiah 43:1]
  • Of course I will be the light for your path [Psalm 119:105]
  • Of course I will hear and answer your prayers [Matthew 7:8]
  • Of course I am making all things new [Revelation 21:5]
  • Of course I am bringing all things together for your good [Romans 8:28]
  • Of course I will make a way in the wilderness [Isaiah 43:19]


So this week, I challenge you to ask yourself these three questions:


  • What step of faith do I need to take right now? (Commit to take it this week)
  • What roadblock am I facing? (Create a plan to overcome it this week)
  • What promise from God's word will I hold onto this week? (Write it down, meditate on it daily)


You've got this.


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