[024] Launching a Handbag Line with Purpose (and Profits)

My guest for this episode is Andres Quintero. Andres was living in New York with his wife and two sons while he was also working for an international handbag retailer. In his role Andres traveled the globe looking for trends in Paris and Tokyo, worked with celebrities, and visited factories where the handbags were produced in China and Vietnam.


Originally from Columbia, Andres and his wife started to dream of one day starting their own handbag line. Together they envisioned a company that would bring factory jobs back to their native Columbia, provide a high quality product with a fair pricing model for their customers, and create a fun, fresh aesthetic that promoted a positive image of women. It was an idea that would pay off.


Today Andres and his wife are the owners of Min and Mon, a handbag line in New York City. In this episode Andres talks about the early challenges they faced in launching their brand, the strategy that has enabled them to double sales each year, and how he managed to launch a handbag line while also working as a Youth Pastor in his local church.




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