[023] From Management Consultant to Full Time RV'er with Jordan Jones

My guest for this episode of the Your Purpose is Calling podcast is Christian entrepreneur Jordan Jones.

Jordan Jones did everything right. She got good grades in school, went to a prestigious university (Georgetown), and had a job at a top management consulting firm waiting for her once she graduated. Her new job gave her everything a twenty-something is supposed to want: money, travel, and a clear career path.

But even though Jordan had the exact life she had meticulously mapped out for herself, she wasn’t happy.

Today, just a few years later, Jordan has a very different life. Her and her husband, Pete, run a marketing agency while traveling around the country living out of their RV. It’s an unconventional choice for the self described “recovering perfectionist” who once had her entire life mapped out.

In this episode Jordan talks about:

  • Her journey from management consultant to full-time RV’er
  • How she developed the courage to leave a comfortable life behind
  • What life is like running a business from the road
  • How life in an RV has built her faith, strengthened her marriage, and helped her discover more of God’s calling for her life

In this episode Jordan talks candidly about the difficult decision to walk away from everything she had worked for. She shares her journey of how she stopped comparing her life to her peers as a measuring stick of success and learned to create her own definition of success based on God’s calling for her life.

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