[026] Prayer, Profits, and Finding Your Niche with Jack and Taylor McClintock

In January of 2015 Jack and Taylor McClintock were newlyweds, co-owners of a video production business, and had just rented office space. It was an exciting time but there was just one problem. They did not have a single project booked.

With no income and bills coming due in just a few weeks, they prayed a simple prayer that would transform their business, their city, and their life.

In this episode of the Your Purpose is Calling Christian business podcast Jack and Taylor share their story as well as practical advice for anyone in the early days of building a business, including:

  • How they got their first clients
  • How they dealt with fear and comparison
  • The surprising key to finding a profitable niche

Jack and Taylor share their story with vulnerability and insight that will inspire and encourage anyone who wants to experience a deeper relationship with God in their business and their life.

Listen to the podcast here or on iTunes. Want to hear more conversations with Christians that are finding purpose, redefining work, and changing their world? Subscribe to the Your Purpose is Calling podcast on iTunes (and leave us a review).

Show Notes:


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