Christian Goal Setting: How to Create a Personal Growth Plan

Christian Goal Setting: How to Create a Personal Growth Plan

Do you love to wait? Wait in line, wait for an answer, wait for the results? What about the bigger things, like waiting for a breakthrough, waiting for a prayer to be answered, or waiting for change? Don’t you love that?


Yeah, me neither. 


Waiting is hard! I know people who can “let go and let God,” but I have to tell you, this does not come naturally to me. But waiting is an essential part of the process of what God is doing in us and through us. So instead of wishing away the waiting, we can be purposeful, intentional, and obedient in the waiting. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that even when I can’t control what’s going on around me, I can always be intentional about what I’m developing within me. 


In other words, a waiting season is a great time to develop a Personal Growth Plan. 


A Personal Growth Plan is a simple tool to turn a time of waiting into a meaningful season of growth. When I’ve been tempted to grumble and complain that things aren’t happening fast enough, a Personal Growth Plan has helped me find direction, joy, and purpose in the in-between. This unseen work often bears fruit for a future we cannot yet see, but God is preparing for us. 


Whatever God is stirring in you to develop, learn or overcome has power and purpose in it. A Personal Growth Plan is a tool to get organized and intentional about pursuing it.


I’ve created a simple outline for you to create your own Personal Growth Plan. Ready to get started? Just take out a blank sheet of paper and answer these five questions.


What Do I Want to Learn?


Create a clear plan of 1-3 specific areas of your life where you would like to develop a new skill, a new mindset, or a new perspective. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to spark ideas:


  • What gifts do I want to develop?
  • What’s a weakness that’s holding me back? 
  • What’s interesting to me right now?


How Much Can I Commit to This?


Your Personal Growth Plan should fit within your current capacity. Do you want to block off an entire weekend? Great! Do you only have 15 minutes while you walk the dog to listen to a podcast? Done! Your Personal Growth Plan should not feel overwhelming. It’s YOUR plan. Ask yourself:


  • How much time will I devote to this?
  • How much money will I invest in this? 
  • How much energy do I have for this? 


What’s My Learning Style?


Everyone learns differently. I love whiteboards and YouTube videos. You might love audiobooks. Find the learning style(s) that feels most natural to you and is best for what you want to learn. (For example, you probably can’t train for a triathlon by listening to podcasts… but wouldn’t that be great?) Here are four different learning styles and suggested tools for each:


  • Visual: Online courses, presentations, workbooks, videos
  • Auditory: Podcasts, audiobooks, discussion groups
  • Hands-on: in-person classes or workshops
  • Reading/Writing: Books, devotionals, writing exercises


What’s My Desired Outcome?


This can be a specific and measurable milestone, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s say that you’re feeling overwhelmed about your business finances and you want to feel more confident and in control. Perfect! Whatever growth looks like for you. Again, it’s YOUR plan. Think about:


  • Point A: Where you are today
  • Point B: Your long-term goal
  • Point C: What can you achieve in 90 days?


Who Will Be My Guide?


Once you know what areas you want to develop, how much capacity you have, your learning style, and the specific outcome you want, then it’s easier to choose your guide. Who are the authors that write about this topic? What podcasts can you listen to? Who can mentor you? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm your own guide(s): 


  • Pastors, counselors or therapists
  • Authors, Podcasters, Bloggers
  • Friends, Mentors, Coaches


Once you have answered these five questions, congratulations! You now have a Personal Growth Plan. (Bravo, you!) Now schedule time in your week to devote to your plan. This doesn't have to be overwhelming. Even 15 minutes per day can move you closer to your goals. 

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