Christian Productivity: The 'Gravy' Rule of Getting Things Done

Christian Productivity: The Gravy Rule of Getting Things Done

How do you feel about gravy?


I know; it seems like a funny question. My friends and I are split on the "Great Gravy Debate." I'm a no-gravy gal and many of my friends are definitely pro-gravy. (If you're pro-gravy too I hope we can still be friends. Maybe I just haven't had the right kind?)


Although I don't love gravy on my mashed potatoes, I do love how gravy can help you create more consistency and achieve your biggest goals. In fact, I've seen gravy help my clients achieve amazing things so often that I've dubbed it "The Gravy Rule of Getting Things Done."


Here's an example of how the Gravy Rule works:


Client: My goal is to run a marathon. To start training, I'm going to run twenty miles this week. 


Me: How many miles do you run in a typical week?


Client: I've never really been a runner. I haven't run a mile since high school. 


Me: Huh. Well, can you walk a mile and, if you achieve anything over that, we'll call that gravy?


Client: [Jaw unclenches, shoulders relax, tense look on their face disappears] Yes! I can do that.


See what happened there? We took a big, probably-not-all-that-realistic goal and made it easy to achieve. 


Seems simple, right? But too often we mistake big vision with big action and set ourselves up for failure. When we fail, we feel bad, lose confidence in ourselves, and give up. That's a terrible cycle. I don't want you to give up. The contribution you are called to make in the world is too important.


The Gravy Rule focuses on quick wins that make it easy to keep your promises to yourself no matter how crazy life gets. Each week you'll stack up more quick wins and suddenly, whamo, you have momentum. (Just look at you go!)


At first, this seems like a bad plan. How will we ever reach our Everest-sized goals with such small actions? But that's why The Gravy Rule works. It says, "Hey rockstar, you do you. If you want to take big action this week do it! But let's create a plan for success that sets you up for an easy win."


So this week, I challenge you to think about how you approach your goals. Are you setting yourself up for a win?


In other words, do your goals need some gravy?


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