Christian Productivity: How to Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Christian Productivity: How to Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

In some areas of my life, I am highly productive. Really. Sometimes I dazzle myself with what I can get done. But in other areas, I really struggle. I can get a huge project done in my business 
but my home stays cluttered longer than I would like and getting on the Peloton can be a challenge. 


Does that ever happen to you?


No matter what I did, I just couldn’t motivate in some areas of my life. It didn’t matter what I tried, and I tried it all:


  • Another planner
  • Another motivation book
  • Another productivity app


I tried, and failed, to convince myself that I just needed some of that good old-fashioned willpower. Nothing helped. But then I stumbled upon a simple, 30-second productivity hack that really helped me get more control over the areas of my life that were, shall we say, less than awesome.


It had everything to do with how I was talking to myself.


Compare these two statements:


  • I should clean my house.
  • I am a high functioning person and performing at peak levels is important to me. A clean, uncluttered home helps me think clearly so I can perform at optimal levels.


See the difference? Can you feel the difference? One of these is a should statement. (“I should do this”). The other is an identity statement (“I am this”).


Here’s the difference:


  • Should statements focus on what we do
  • Identity statements focus on who we are (or want to become)


  • Should statements disempower us and can lead to feelings of shame and guilt
  • Identity statements empower us and lead to feelings of faith and possibility


  • Should statements are reactional
  • Identity statements are intentional


Here’s another example of a should statement versus an identity statement:


  • Should statement: I should follow a budget.
  • Identity statement: I am intentional with my money because financial health makes me feel more freedom and peace.


Completely different, right?


James 3:4-5 reminds us that the tongue is like a small rudder that steers a great ship. The words we use with ourselves can steer the direction of our work, our relationships, our faith, and our life.


So here’s a challenge for you this week.


Think about the should statements you are using in your life. Ask a friend to point them out (a really nice friend). Then ask yourself these questions:


  • What should statements am I using?
  • How does this should statement make me feel?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What’s an identity statement I can use instead?
  • How does this identity statement align with scripture?


Write down your identity statements. Pray about them. Memorize them. Repeat them often to yourself and others. Use them whenever you feel unmotivated to remind yourself that you are intentional about choosing actions that align with the person you are becoming.


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