Christian Productivity: A Simple Mindset Shift to Get Unstuck

Christian Productivity: A Simple Mindset Shift to Get Unstuck


Why do we get stuck?


Is it lack of time, lack of money, lack of experience or ideas or connections? Not really. Most often, it's our own thoughts. (And that's good news because changing our thoughts is a lot easier than getting more money, more time, or more connections.)


Our feelings are the physical response to our thoughts. If we think that we will fail or people will judge us, then it makes sense that we will feel stuck.


We get stuck when we focus on:


  • What could go wrong
  • What people will say (and not the good stuff)
  • What we don't have, don't know, and can't do


In other words, we get stuck when we make it all about us because we believe it's all up to us. But when we shift our thoughts from our limitations to the infinite power of God at work in us, a whole new world of possibility opens up. Instead of imagining the worst, we expect God's best. We focus on:


  • What could go right
  • What people will say (and not the bad stuff)
  • What we do have, what we do know, and what we can do


When we choose faith and gratitude, we begin to see possibilities instead of problems. 


So this week, my challenge for you is to set aside 30 minutes, find a quiet space with no distractions, and get quiet before God in prayer. Think about the thing that you feel God calling you to do. Then write down the answers to these three questions:


  • What's the best possible outcome I can imagine?
  • Who are the people I can help, and how can God use my obedience to change their life?
  • What are five things I can do this week to move forward?


I'm cheering you on.


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