[035] Diversity, Inclusion and Staying the Course with April Crichlow


My guest for this episode is April Crichlow, Vice president of Global Customer Marketing and Diversity and Inclusion Lead at SAP Ariba - one of the largest technology companies in the world. Recently named one of the top minority executives, April’s story is unique. She is one of the few women minority executives working in technology today but, as you’ll hear in this episode, April is committed to changing that.

April has a high powered career doing work that she is deeply passionate about, but not that long ago she struggled to find a deeper purpose in her work. Blessed with a successful career and beautiful family, April longed to connect the dots between her work and the unique calling God had for her life. 

In this episode April shares her story and the shift that accelerated her career - and her purpose. 

April talks about:

  • The opportunities for diversity and in inclusion in the workplace
  • Dealing with comparison in corporate life
  • Staying the course when you feel restless in your career
  • How to position yourself for influence in your company
  • Living out faith in a high-level corporate role
Show Notes:



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