[YPIC 044] Confident Leadership in Uncertain Times with Brooklyn Pastor JR Carmichael

How do we lead ourselves and others well when things are uncertain?

This year has been challenging for church leaders, many who have not been able to meet in person. Church leaders have been left to creatively come up with different ways to keep their communities engaged and growing in Christ from home.   

In this episode Community Pastor JR Carmichael shares how leading a New York City church during a pandemic changed how he leads himself and others. JR shares insight about how trusting God gives us the confidence to lead well, even when the future is unclear, whether we lead in ministry or the marketplace. 

Listen in to learn how the 2020 pandemic has positively transformed the church and how that will carry on to the future.

Episode Timeline:

  • [0:29] Get to know JR.
  • [3:10] The vision Liberty church Brooklyn had for 2020 as a continuation of 2019.
  • [5:27] How JR approached his uncertainty during the pandemic by seeking God’s guidance as a pastor.
  • [8:26] Changing the in-person gathering tradition in the church community after COVID.
  • [11:03] The importance of honesty as a leader and trusting God to be in control.
  • [17:21] JR explains how he grew in his intentionality serving people, became a good communicator, and freer as a pastor.
  • [23:53] Some of the things that Liberty church Brooklyn did to keep this season fun.
  • [27:40] How he created a space for racism conversations as a pastor and a person of color during the black lives matter movement protests.
  • [36:36] The negative effects of isolation and how to reach out and support affected people instead of judging them.
  • [38:54] How 2020 has changed the church for the better and the effects of that in the coming years.
  • [42:43] A closing prayer!

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