[047] The Courage to Say Yes with Christian Coach Sue Bidstrup

In this episode, host Dawn Sadler welcomes Sue Bidstrup – a Christian Business Coach, Yoga instructor, Podcaster, and founder of Great Big Yes!

Sue was a mom of young kids at home when she felt like God was inviting her into something more. Her answer was a resounding Yes! Sue started Great Big Yes in 2010 with many goals in mind. Unable to define her newfound passion as a Christian Life Coach or Productivity Coach, Sue coined her own title of Yes Coach which encompasses all her services for Women business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries seeking guidance through God’s support. 

Show Notes:

[0:30] Introducing Sue Bidstrup, Christian Business Coach

[1:06] Yes Coach versus Life Coach. Sue explains the many facets of her coaching business and why she’s named her service “Great Big Yes!”

[5:18] How coaching is different from teaching

[6:50] Breaking to stigmas of being a Life Coach

[10:25] As a young mom at home, Sue felt the pull of God inviting her into something more

[13:47] Sue started to learn the importance of relationship building and how it impacts marketing, sales, and all areas of business.

[14:00] Sue felt the call to become a yoga teacher which changed her life because she finally gave in to God asking her to rest

[18:17] Following God’s direction can take time. Sue shares how she found blessings along the way which enriched her journey

[22:30] We see other’s success but we don’t know what went on behind the scenes or how long it took them to get there. 

[23:25] The holiness of ambition. What it means to be an achiever on the other side of this process with God

[25:45] Is drive a gift? Sue and Dawn share their opinions and understanding of being driven.

[30:20] What does it mean to be multi-passionate and how has it impacted today's career paths for the better? Does it mean you have a side hustle or is it purely a passion-based activity?

[35:45] Are we in a society where we’ve lost our passions because we keep the mindset that everything can be turned into a career?

[39:40] Sue and Dawn talk about the importance of being willing to try something new and not be a master at it. It’s okay to do something just for joy and not be good at it.

[40:51] Sue shares her three tips for someone who really wants to say yes to God’s call but have not been able to summon the courage to do it.

[46:47] Outro: Sue gives a closing prayer


Sue Bidstrup’s website 
Sue Bidstrup on Instagram
Sue Bidstrup’s podcast

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