[018] From Stressed to Success: How to Pivot Your Business with Ben Smithee


My guest for today’s episode is Ben Smithee of The Smithee Group, a digital marketing agency. Ben runs a successful company with a growing team, but it wasn’t always that way. Years ago Ben found himself running an agency that served Fortune 500 clients but he was stressed out, burned out, and, as he says, “ready to pull the parachute on the whole thing.”

In today’s episode Ben talks about how he completely rebuilt his agency to be bigger, faster, and stronger by putting God at the center. Ben shares the ups and downs he experienced in building and growing a business with an transparency that’s raw, inspiring, and real.

In this episode Ben talks about:

  • The myth of avoiding risk in business
  • Trusting God to build and grow a team
  • How he rebuilt his company to be bigger, faster and stronger
  • How to overcome obstacles and fulfill our God-given calling

If you are feeling stressed out or burned out in your own career or business Ben’s story is sure to give you practical steps to pivot so you, too, can thrive in your calling.

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Show Notes:


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