[037] How to Trust God When You're Unemployed with Eric Velez


On the Your Purpose is Calling Christian business podcast we’ve covered a lot of ground but on today’s episode we’re covering a topic that doesn’t always get a lot of attention in the faith and work discussion: unemployment. How do you trust God when you’re looking for work, your savings are dwindling away, and you’re wondering how or when - or perhaps even if - God will come though.

My guest today is Eric Velez, a video technician and talented worship leader. Today Eric has his dream job at Facebook but it wasn't that long ago that Eric found himself in a new city, with a job that didn't pan out, and no new job prospects on the horizon. In a story filled with plot twists and turns, Eric shares how he walked through a season that tested his faith and how God was faithful to provide not only a new dream job, but a new ministry as well.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a new client, or just need encouragement about God’s promises for provision in your own life this episode is sure to strengthen your faith and inspire you to believe bigger.

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