[025] How to Unleash Your God-Given Creative Potential with Jenny Randle


In this episode of the Your Purpose is Calling Christian business podcast we're talking to Jenny Randle, author of the new book Courageous Creative.

Jenny was an Emmy-award winning video producer in Hollywood when she felt God call her into ministry as she helped some friends launch a church. It was there that she met her husband and moved from Hollywood to upstate New York where she now runs a marketing company in addition to being an author, speaker, and mom of two.

In this episode Jenny shares her 10-year journey of saying yes to God's call on her life as a writer and speaker. She also shares practical tips from her new book, Courageous Creative, about the art of living a transformational life found in Christ.

In this episode Jenny talks about:

  • Her fears about saying yes to God's calling to be a speaker and author (and how she overcame them)
  • How anyone can discover and cultivate their creativity
  • Common obstacles to creativity (and how to move past them)
  • How to unleash your creativity to walk in the fullness of all that God is calling you to

Jenny is funny, honest and practical as she shares her personal story as well as practical insights that anyone can practice to be more creative.

Listen to the episode here and subscribe to the Your Purpose is Calling Christian business podcast on iTunes to hear more conversations with Christians that are finding purpose, redefining work, and changing their world.


Show Notes:


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