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Worth the Wait: When God Gives You a Dream for a Different Season


More than 15 years ago I was in my mid-thirties, single, living in San Francisco, working in real estate, and had just gone back to church after more than a decade outside of it. It was around this time that I picked up the book, “Jesus, CEO” by Laurie Beth Jones and consumed it in one sitting. I had never even heard of a book that combined faith and work. It was revolutionary to me. In the deepest part of my soul something woke up. I told my pastor at the time, “I think I am supposed to write a book about faith at work.” (I think his response was something like, “Um, ok…?”)


It seemed ridiculous. What would I have to say? Who on earth would listen to me? What did I know about faith and work (or anything at all)? With no experience, no connections, and no clue I dropped the idea and wouldn’t think about it again for more than a decade.


Fifteen years and 3,000 miles later I am finally writing that book. It was a long road with some very unexpected twists and turns (like moving to New York, leading a Christian business ministry for three years, starting a podcast about faith and work, hosting small groups for Christian entrepreneurs in my home, and on and on).


For all the talk about “God qualifies the called” (which is true) every dream has its season. Back in San Francisco, trying to put all the pieces together on my own, it wasn’t my season. God had much bigger plans than anything I could’ve dreamed up. He always does. I’m so grateful.


I think about that story a lot now when I lead people through goal setting workshops. When we take time to dream with God about our future the most surprising things come up: “I think I want to start a literacy program” or “I think I want to run for office” or “I think I am supposed to start a business.” And then come the questions: Who would listen to me? How would that work? What do I know about that (or anything at all)? In these moments I just smile and nod and imagine God wink.


Just wait. You’ll see.


When God gives us a dream He isn’t asking us for a business plan or a resume or a three-point strategy. He is simply asking us to listen, to trust, and to step forward in faith to do the next thing He is asking us to do.


What dreams is God ready to reveal in your life? What is the next step He asking you take?

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