About Me

Hi, I'm Dawn. 

Like many people, my story has a lot of chapters (maybe yours does, too). There was the corporate chapter (20 years in real estate and finance) and the stressed-out entrepreneur chapter (running my own digital agency for a decade). But, like the plot twist in the middle of a novel you can’t put down, it was the chapter in my 40’s that changed everything. 


While I was running my agency I had an opportunity to take over the role of Ministry Director for Visionaries, the business ministry of Liberty Church in New York City.  I worked with Christians from every walk of life who were passionate about living out their faith in the workplace: lawyers, filmmakers, executives, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, fashion designers, and more. But I also saw that many Christians struggled with the same challenges: lack of time, procrastination, fear, and doubt. As a lifelong productivity addict, I saw an opportunity to create a goal-setting system for Christians to help people clarify what mattered most. I started running it at retreats, workshops, and leadership development training and saw God move in powerful ways. Within weeks people were coming to me and telling me about breakthroughs they had experienced in their goals after months, even years, of trying on their own. 


After leading Visionaries for four years, I felt called to walk away from the agency and start a coaching business focused on helping Christians develop a healthy, God-centered approach to productivity. Today I coach Christians from across the U.S. and Europe who want to steward their time, energy, and resources to walk more fully in their calling. 


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And when I'm not coaching...

I am happily married to Matt, an Executive Pastor at Liberty Church in New York City, where we have attended and served for more than a decade. I am the proud stepmom of two amazing young men and mom to a Southern Hound rescue mix named Riley. My husband and I divide our time between Connecticut and Nazaré, Portugal.