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A Simple, Powerful Tool to Reach Your Most Important Goals


Turn Your Ideas into Results

Instant Access

Get instant access to the PDF download so you can begin planning your own Peak Year right away... no waiting!

Start Anytime

All pages in the Peak Year planner are undated so you can begin any time of year. Birthdays, graduations, anytime!

Printable Format

Buy once, use forever! The printable format means you'll never run out of planner pages. When you need a new page just print and go!

Here's What's Included in Your Personal Goal-Setting System

The Peak Year Printable Planner includes five activation pages to organize your biggest goals into small, actionable steps so you never feel overwhelmed.


Your Most Important Goals, Organized & Simplified

Stephen Covey once said "Begin with the end in mind." On the first page you map out your most important goals for the next 12 months in every area of your life. Then you'll break down each goal into quarterly milestones. You'll instantly feel more clarity and the one-page design keeps everything in one place.



Feel More Confident With a 90-Day Plan for Success

Each quarter you'll create a strategy for staying on track with your most important goals. You'll break down each 90-day milestone into small monthly wins. You'll build confidence every month as you move closer to your goals.



Create a Clear Monthly Action Plan to Get Results

Your Monthly Planner Page is your ticket out of overwhelm as you create a clear action plan toward your goals. Never wonder what to do next - simply complete each action item and check it off (then do a happy dance).



Create Consistent Results Week After Week

Never lose momentum toward your goals with the Weekly Planner page. Use the time blocking tool to be more productive and the habit tracker to reach your goals.



Start Each Day With Focus and Intention

Feel in control of your time and your results each day with the Daily Planner Page. Use this page each day to set your focus and intention for the day and manage your day with ease.


Weekly Accountability Worksheet

According to a recent study people who are accountable to someone else each week for their progress nearly double their chance of success! The Weekly Accountability Worksheet is the perfect format to prayerfully review your week and share with an accountability partner.


Get the Peak Year Printable Planner & Bonus

Sign up for the Peak Year Printable Planner and You'll Get Immediate Access to the Planning System and Bonus Worksheet.

What Are You Called to Do?


  • Write a book
  • Launch a business
  • Grow a ministry
  • Start a non-profit
  • Change careers
  • Plant a church
  • Publish a podcast
  • Get a degree
  • Scale your business
  • Pay off debt
  • Become a missionary
  • Improve your health
  • Launch a blog or vlog
  • Create a course
  • Start a foundation

Hi, I'm Dawn.

I am a writer, a speaker, and a coach. I help people overcome fear, doubt and overwhelm so they can fulfill the their own unique, God-given calling.

I developed the Peak Year Printable Planner to make it easy and affordable for you to achieve the same results that I've helped people achieve in workshops, group coaching, and private coaching.

I believe in the purpose God has for you, and I believe these tools will help you experience more clarity, confidence and momentum as you pursue all that God has for you.

Let's Start Your Peak Year.

Every big dream starts with one small, brave, life-changing decision to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Peak Year Printable Planner? Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

A Printable Planner is a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional planners because you never run out of pages. Simply print a new page whenever you want to organize your goals, create an action plan, and get results.

The Peak Year Printable Planner System is five different planner pages that are all designed to work together. Begin with your annual goals and then work backward with a clear action plan each day, week, month and quarter.

The PYPPS is for entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and anyone who wants to create more focus and intention in their life.

The Peak Year Printable Planner includes features that coaching clients have used to grow a business, launch a podcast, write a book, get published, get a new job, and more. The Peak Year Printable Planner is designed to help you get rid of the noise and clutter in your day so you can achieve whatever God is calling you to.

The Peak Page Printable Planner includes features designed to help you connect with God including verses to meditate on and prayer and praise sections. We were never designed to fulfill our calling in our own strength, but through Christ at work within us. The PYPPS framework serves as a consistent reminder that God is always ready to help with any challenge we face in our day, no matter how large or small.


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