Your Purpose is Calling - Christian Business Podcast

Your Purpose is Calling - Christian Business Podcast

Hosted by: Dawn Sadler

Your Purpose is Calling Christian business podcast features conversations with Christians that are finding purpose, redefining work, and changing their world.

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049: Speaking Truth to Power with Tiffany Bluhm

Episode #55

How are we called to respond as Christians when we see things happening in the workplace that are unjust? What is our role in speaking up to abuses of power both in the church and in the workplace? My guest for this...
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048: Radical Obedience with Justice Rising Co-Founders Edison and Cassandra Lee

Episode #54

Edison and Cassandra Lee are Co-Founders of Justice Rising, a non-profit that works to bring transformation to areas of conflict through education. In this episode, Edison and Cassandra share how their radical...
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047: The Courage to Say Yes with Coach Sue Bidstrup

Episode #53

My guest for this episode is Sue Bidstrup, Founder of the Great Big Yes. Sue is a coach who helps women launch their idea whether it’s writing a book, launching a business, or whatever they feel called to do. In this...
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046: How to Sell Without Feeling Sleazy With Ben Smithee

Episode #52

Do you want to grow your business or career but hate the idea of selling yourself, your products or your services? In this episode Ben Smithee, CEO of the Smithee Group, shares a proven process for sales so you can...
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045: How to Get Out of a Slump and Begin Your Next Act with Brianna Barnes

Episode #51

What happens when everything you’ve been working for is right at your fingertips, and then it all falls apart? That’s the question that singer, songwriter and playwright Brianna Barnes faced earlier this year. Brianna...
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044: Confident Leadership in Uncertain Times with Pastor JR Carmichael

Episode #50

How do we confidently lead ourselves and those around us in a time of uncertainty and change? JR Carmichael, a Pastor of Liberty Church in Brooklyn, shares his experience of leading a multicultural community in New...
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043: Maximize Your Impact and Influence in the Workplace with Sue Salvemini

Episode #49

My guest today is Sue Salvemini, an Executive Coach and the Author of Leadership by Choice: 7 Keys for Maximizing Your Impact and Influence in the Workplace… Right Where You Are. Sue is unique from other guests we’ve...
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042: 21 Testimonies of Faith and Work

Episode #48

In this episode host Dawn Sadler shares 21 testimonies of faith and work from Christians in fashion, tech, education, design, publishing, music, engineering, filmmaking and more. 
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041: Overcoming Isolation with Photographer Gabe McMullen

Episode #47

Gabe McMullen is a talented and successful photographer but a few years ago Gabe’s future felt bleak. Working long hours as a line cook, Gabe spent hours every day after work escaping into the isolation of video games...
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040: The Theology of Work with Leah Archibald

Episode #46

My guest today is Leah Archibald. Leah works for the Theology of Work project, an organization that provides resources to help Christians connect the bible to their everyday work. She is also the host of the Making it...
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039: Radical Hospitality with Two Hands Restaurant Owner Giles Russell

Episode #45

My guest for this episode is Giles Russell, owner of the popular New York restaurant Two Hands with locations in Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. Giles shares his story from surfing at Bondi Beach in his native...
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038: How to Balance Contentment and Ambition with Aisha Taylor

Episode #44

My guest for this episode is Aisha Taylor. Aisha works for one of the largest tech companies in the world: Google. It was the last place she thought she would end up when she was getting her MBA at U.C. Berkeley, but...
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