Time for a Life Change? 3 Questions to Ask Before You Make the Leap

Are you wrestling with a decision to make a significant life change?

A few years ago, I met with a young woman over coffee referred to me by a mutual friend. She was wrestling with the decision of whether or not to look for a new job. It was her...

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut: 4 Strategies to Reconnect with God, Find Your Inspiration, and Do Your Best Work Ever

Have you felt like you’re stuck in a creative rut? You’re not alone. The isolation, stress, and survival mode of the last year have many of us feeling uninspired. So how do we get that creative spark back? 


Creativity is an...

Christian Productivity: How to Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

In some areas of my life, I am highly productive. Really. Sometimes I dazzle myself with what I can get done. But in other areas, I really struggle. I can get a huge project done in my business 
but my home stays cluttered longer...

Christian Productivity: How to Plan When Life Feels Uncertain

What were you doing 10 years ago? What were you believing for? What did you care about? What did you worry about? What are the answered prayers you walk in today that you could not have even imagined back then?


Thinking about where we were...

Christian Productivity: The 'Gravy' Rule of Getting Things Done

How do you feel about gravy?


I know; it seems like a funny question. My friends and I are split on the "Great Gravy Debate." I'm a no-gravy gal and many of my friends are definitely pro-gravy. (If you're pro-gravy too I hope we can still be...